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Mr Cat & The Jackal is a unique five piece multi-instrumental group often described as experimental acoustic folk whilst exploring blues, tango, pirate, Balkan and Irish themes. With a circus of sounds created by foreign and handmade instruments – their live performance calls for a complete theatrical experience. The band formed in 2006, originally devoted to writing musical scores for theatre productions. To mention only a few of the projects the group has composed for, most notably they received a KANNA nomination for their work in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest ’ at the KKNK, and a Fiesta award nomination at Aardklop for the soundtrack of ‘Die Kortsondige Raklewe van Anasasia W.’ Their debut album, Themes and Variations, was released in November 2007 and in March 2011, the group released their second studio album entitled Sins & Siren Songs. Both albums have received rave reviews and critical acclaim. The band has been touring Southern Africa repeatedly and kept on refining their craft through commandeering festivals and entertaining audiences at every venue available.

Winner of the MK Award 2012 for Best Animation / SFX.

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