• Location: Western Cape
Dawid Mocke is a 4 times world champion paddler from Fish Hoek, South Africa. He has represented his country in many paddling disciplines, but it is in the daring world of Open Ocean Surfski paddling where he has set himself apart, not only as a World Champion, but also as an entrepreneur, leader and mentor. A world class athlete for almost 20 years, his training regimen has taught him about consistency and excellence; paddling in huge ocean swells taught him to find and maximize opportunity and countless neck-and-neck races have taught him about focus, concentration and dealing with success and failure. Dawid speaks with authority about VISION. He pioneered a career as a professional ocean paddler when it seemed an impossibility. He has played an integral part in the worldwide growth of the sport, sparking the start of the World Series (which he has won an unmatched 4 times). As the owner of 3 different paddling related businesses in a world where his every decision is examined, Dawid speaks about INTEGRITY. A number of risk-taking close finishes allows Dawid to speak about PRESSURE An unequivocal a family man, married to Olympian Nikki Mocke with 2 children, this athlete and businessman talks about BALANCE. Dawid’s enthusiastic storytelling highlights pertinent and relevant life lessons relating to finding purpose in one’s work. He sincerely and candidly shares his most terrifying moments on the ocean, and regales with relevance his most exhilarating victories and losses and the valuable lessons they have taught him. A real sporting hero, Dawid motivates and inspires his audiences to be the best they can be, to be passionate in work and live a purposeful life. Twitter: @DawidMocke
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